Asteria Testnet Tutorial
Three-Part Tutorial to Start Options Trading

Part One: Set Up MetaMask

1. Download Metamask Wallet and Connect to the Asteria Testnet

  • Open Google Chrome to download MetaMask Wallet
    • https://metmask.io/download.html
  • Click Install MetaMask for Chrome
  • Click Add to Chrome
  • Click Add Extension
  • MetaMask will populate and you can begin using the wallet
  • Next, click "start using" to create your wallet (if you already have a wallet, click "import wallet" and login directly). If you don't have an account, click "create a wallet" to create a wallet.
  • Click I agree to set the password - confirm the password and click next
  • Next, the mnemonic page will pop up - keep the mnemonic
  • Then the MetaMask Wallet interface will pop up

Part Two: Get Your Testnet Tokens And Connect To Asteria.Finance

  • Select the network above to switch the network to the rinkeby test network
  • Then Google Chrome enters the Asteria Testnet https://asteria.finance/
  • Click on the MetaMask wallet logo on the extension program in the upper right corner of the webpage, you can click to fix it on the webpage
  • Then connect the wallet
  • Click Next
  • Click connect, the connection is successful as shown

2. Get test ETH (for gas fee) and USDT (for options cost) from the faucet

  • If you cannot find those tokens in your wallet after the above 2 steps, you can click "Add Token" in your wallet.
  • Contract address of test tokens:
  • USDT: 0x8338984716623A3E8569F8CC9c3A11e664289d2f
  • Notice: You can also get more test ETH by following the instructions in this link:
  • https://faucet.rinkeby.io/

Part Three: Start Options Trading

1.) Connect your MetaMask wallet to Asteria.Finance
2.) Once successfully connected to the Asteria Platform, your screen will look like this
3.) Click Options Exchange
4.) Choose an underlying asset: WBTC or ETH. The underlying asset is what you want to trade cryptocurrency options on.
5.) Choose the amount of options you want.
  • One option contract underlies 0.01 of the underlying asset
  • The max amount of options contracts available is shown.
6.) Choose the option strike price. The strike price is where you think the underlying asset will reach within a specified time (step 7).
  • The strike price is denoted in USD ($).
7.) Choose the option period. This is the amount of time until the option expires.
8.) Choose the option type.
  • Call: Makes money when the underlying asset goes up.
  • Put: Makes money when the underlying asset goes down.
9.) Here is the total cost of the option contract you have created after completing the above steps
10.) Here is the total balance of USDT in your connected wallet
11.) Here is a tool that is synced with the chart right below the sliding bar. The percentage says how much percent will the current price of the underlying asset change by. As you slide the bar, the expected price of the underlying asset will change along with the chart.
12.) The chart shows the potential profit or loss of the sliding bar tool. Or it shows the potential profit or loss of the input option contract details.
13.) These are the main aspects to pay attention to on the chart. This is how options pricing works. And how you can know when you'll profit!
14.) When you're ready, press "Approve" to execute your option contract.
15.) MetaMask will pop up with a window. Press "Confirm"
16.) After a couple of seconds, your option contract will be executed! Check in your wallet -> activity, to see the execution document.
17.) Click ‘My Options’ to see all your option positions.
18.) Here is an example of an option position.
19.) Here is the real-time profit or loss of your position.
20.) Here you can see active, expired, or exercised positions.
End Tutorial.
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